To a certain extent, ornamental can be protected just like technical inventions.

A registered design is an industrial property right that protects the decorative or aesthetic aspect of a product. It can be two-dimensional (pattern, lines or colors) or three-dimensional (the shape of the product).
The aesthetic aspect of a product can 
also result from, amongst other features, its texture, the materials used or its ornamentation. Protection confers a monopoly right on the holder, allowing him to prohibit any third party from copying or imitating the design without his consent.

Any kind of industrial or handicraft product, such as watches, jewellery, medical instruments, household articles, furniture, architectural structures, typographic characters and many other objects can be protected by a registered design.

However, the following products cannot be protected: parts that are not visible once incorporated into complex products; products whose shape is dictated by the function of the product; components that are integrated to ensure the proper working of a complex product.

Photograph courtesy Helvetica Brands SA

Swiss Design 141 949

International Design DM/090 593

Chinese Design ZL2016 3 0125718.3

U.S. Patent No. D807,724