Qualified Patent Infomation Professional (QPIP) certification

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Qualified Patent Infomation Professional (QPIP) certification

Our partner Dr. Corinne Le Buhan received the QPIP certification in 2019 from the ISBQPIP, the international standards board  in charge with certifying the patent information professional knowledge and, as initially required for the first series of 2019 certified senior experts, a minimum of 10 years experience in searching and analyzing worldwide patent information.

Patent information analytics are a less known, yet essential, element of a well thought IP strategy execution plan. Finding your way in the ocean of mass patent information in your market targets as well as around your technology developments may seem overwhelming at first sight, but we have the professional tools and experience to guide you through this key process.

Taking into account third party patent information as early as possible in developing your own IP assets can help you:

– build a stronger patent portfolio

– decrease the subsequent costs of patent offices examination

– acquire deep knowledge on your direct competitors technical choices and R&D investment priorities that you will find nowhere else with as many details

– mitigate legal risks for your investors.

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