Jérémy Brun-Picard

  • Physicist, Ph.D

After a PhD in nanoelectricity at the French metrology laboratory, Jérémy Brun-Picard began as an R&D engineer for a startup specializing in the fabrication of magnetic memory based on spintronics. During this period, Jérémy was in charge of publishing patents resulting from R&D. This work naturally led him to focus on intellectual property. In November 2020 he joined the IP Partners network to help the new high-tech company to protect their technologies.

Jérémy has expertise in the fields of electrical metrology, quantum physics, 2D materials (graphene), spintronics and more generally condensed matter physics.

Jérémy holds a MsC in condensed matter physics from the University of Grenoble and a PhD in physics from University of Paris-Saclay (A new generation of quantum standards based on the quantum Hall effect, 2018).


Jérémy Brun-Picard